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Frequently Asked Questions

We can most certainly cater to the group’s needs by arranging wine tours simultaneously with the other half of the group shopping in Bordeaux for fashion and accessories or alternatively for antiques. Whether it be shopping, art classes or sightseeing we can inform you on what the region has to offer.


Meet our Blaye legend, Les Kellen, wine judge and maker who has lived in the region for over 20 years, with his classic sense of humour and vast knowledge he educates you on how to tell the different years of wine and much more, a guided tour of all our red doors on Rue St Simon (the oldest traders road in Blaye) to our establishments is included in this tour as well tasting an array of Bordeaux Wines. (See the historical house in which the Duke Saint Simon lived from 1693)

Select one of the many outstanding local wineries in the region and we can arrange a personal tasting with the winemakers and you can have the choice of doing this in a vintage 2cv which is our personal favourite tour.

This Unesco World Heritage site was designed by the 17th Century architect, Marquis of Vauban. He created a three – part fortification to defend Bordeaux from its enemies arriving from the Atlantic, known as ‘Vauban’s bolt’ consisting of the Citadel of Blaye along with Fort Paté and Fort Médoc.
Experience the walking tour of the amazing Citadel- Enquire at the Blaye Tourism Office

The Gironde estuary is the biggest in Europe, over 80km long! Both river banks are famous winery region.

The drive starts just outside Blaye and takes you along the banks of the Dordogne towards the neighbouring town of picturesque Bourg. The scenery is stunning and you will see the mouth of the Gironde Estuary, the largest estuary in Europe. No car.. no problem.. take our bikes.

There are even trips on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage which crosses the town for a wine tasting on the banks of the Dordogne, 85 feet above sea level. What better way to spend an afternoon? Many of the neighbouring towns and villages have family-run restaurants and cafés open for a quiet lunch on the terrace.

Ride on this fairly flat dedicated cycle and joggers path with no cars. You will experience the vineyards, churches and local homes at close quarters and can ride from 10km – 80km.

Experience Blaye and our close neighboring village Plassac on a small family owned train, this ride is a unique experience where you get to see the town and Citadelle close up.

This is a must do! Our wine bar and store is uniquely situated with the terrace view of the Gironde.. Wine, Champagne, beer, spirits, and cocktails .. at all hours.

About 30,000 years prior, nearby prehistoric caves, were populated by early humans. Today, they are yours to explore and marvel at. Ask your Bordeaux Village Blaye hosts about touring these and other local historic sites, especially since some require reservations and limit the number of guests.

A. Paris- CDG-Airport
Arrive in Paris and catch the high speed TGV train to Bordeaux Gare St Jean. Then take another train to St. Andre de Cubzac and be collected by Taxi.


Taxi pick up straight from Bordeaux Gare St Jean to Blaye (45 mins)

55 Euros per person (minimum 2 people)


Take Tram from Bordeaux City to Lormont – Buttiniere followed by a 201 A/202 to Blaye – Embarcadere (1,30 mins and 10 Euros in total)

B. Bordeaux-Merignac – Airport
Direct Taxi pick up to Blaye (45 mins)

55 Euros per person (minimum 2 people)


Hire a car and drive to Blaye (45 mins) and there is free public parking for you opposite your accommodation.

C. Arrive from Bergerac
And discover another region of Bordeaux. Hire a car and drive to Blaye (1,30 hours)


Travel between Bordeaux Merignac airport and Blaye

The total journey time should be about 2hrs 30 mins if the connections work out nicely but its best to allow an extra hour especially if heading from Blaye to the airport to catch a flight.

Remember that the last bus between Blaye and Lormont Buttiniere is between 18:00 and 18:30,

so check the timetable, which is displayed at the bus stop.

From Merignac airport:

The bus stands are just in front of the terminal building.

Find the bus stand for ‘Ligne 1‘. The bus travels between the airport and Bordeaux’s main station.

Buses run every ten minutes so don’t panic to get the first one.

Buy a ticket at the ticket machine, you can buy as many or as few journeys as you like but you will need 2 for this one-way trip. Cost: Approx 2 Euros per journey.

Get on the bus, hold your ticket against the ‘target’ logo on the screen of the machine to validate it for the journey. They sometimes send teams round to check tickets so make sure you do this.

Get off the bus at ‘Merignac Centre’ (approx 15-20 mins)

Walk to the road junction and you will see the tram stop (on the side nearest where you got off the bus). Take Tram A, towards the centre of Bordeaux. Validate your ticket again on the tram for this journey.

Get off the tram at ‘Lormont Buttiniere’. (tram journey 30-40 mins)

To the left, along the uphill roadway to the left of the large building, is a row of bus-stands.

The nearest one will be for the bus 201 to Blaye (one bus per hour).

Buy your ticket on the bus, ‘allez simple’ (one way) to Blaye. (about 3 Euros).

Stay on the bus until the last stop, ‘Embarcadiere’. It will take about 1h20 mins.

From Blaye:

Take bus 201 from the bus-stop beside the park (nearest the bottle-bank), to Lormont Buttiniere.

This is the last stop so you won’t miss it! It will take about 1h20 and cost about 3 Euros.

At Lormont Buttiniere go to the tram stop for Tram A

You need the direction which heads downhill towards Bordeaux centre

Buy your ticket at the machine on the platform, you’ll need 2 journeys for this one-way trip, which will cost you about 4 Euros.

Validate the ticket by holding it against the screen of the machine on the tram.

Get off the tram at Merignac Centre.

Cross the road and go down the road to the left of the church. Look for the bus stop on the side of the road nearest the church, for Ligne 1.  Buses are usually every ten minutes.

The bus will have Merignac aeroport written on the side, and will clearly be marked ‘Ligne 1’.

Validate your ticket when you board the bus by holding it against the screen.

Stay on the bus until the last airport stop (approx 20 mins). You will be directly in front of the terminal building.

If you will be travelling too late to get bus 201, you can do the journey slightly differently:

Take the bus from the airport, but stay on all the way to Gare St Jean

Take the train to St Andre de Cubzac (which is on the line to Saintes)

Get someone to pick you up (or take a taxi) from St Andre de Cubzac station

This is an easy car journey from Blaye, about 20 minutes.

Check-in times are from 16:00 – 19:00 

If you arrive on a Monday or Tuesday or later than 19:00 we have specific instructions on how you can enter your apartment .

The first meeting point for  Bordeaux Village Blaye  is in our Wine Bar La Petite Cave located at no 1 Rue St Simon , 33390 Blaye.

Please find parking

• In Rue St Simon or
• Alternatively, the road parallel Cours du General de Gaulle – where there is free parking in front of the park or
• The public parking space off Cours du General de Gaulle in front of our wine bar La Petite Cave.

Bordeaux Village Blaye Check in is based in La Petite Cave Wine bar 

Check in is between 16h00 – 19h00 and Check out is by 11h00

There will be someone available for queries during these hours only

Meeting points for your tours will be at Betty’s Bar which is part of La Petite Cave.

• It is imperative that all packages are discussed with regards to logistics the evening before your tour starts.

If you would like the best Châteaux experience please include all tours and package reservations well before your arrival in Blaye. Note all Châteaux tours require a formal reservation and booking, during the peak summer period there is a high possibility that the Châteaux are fully booked.

January2.5°C5.8°C9.2°C141mmVery cold, wet, Ideal for enjoying red wine.
February2.9°C6.9°C10.9°C112mmVery cold, wet, Ideal for enjoying red wine especially Blaye au Comptoir Bordeaux.
March4.3°C9.1°C13.9°C83mmPleasant, Starting to see spring around the corner.
April6.2°C11.2°C16.1°C89mmSpring begins, Ideal time to experience Printemps du Vin and taste all Blaye has to offer.
May10.0°C15.1°C20.1°C97mmTemperatures are warming up, run the Blaye Marathon and experience wine tasting at Portes Ouvertes Bourg.
June12.7°C18.0°C23.3°C95mmDance to the beat of live music. (Fete de la musique)
July14.8°C20.6°C26.4°C62mmEnjoy the endless summer nights/ International horse jumping.
August14.6°C20.5°C26.4°C57mmBreak up your beach holiday with a wine tour & tasting in Blaye.
September12.0°C17.6°C23.1°C66mmHarvest time….Book in advance to not miss on this experience.
October9.1°C13.7°C18.3°C69mmMiss the tourist buzz and enjoy the tranquility of blaye.
November4.8°C8.7°C12.6°C150mm3 day french gastronomy festival “Bordeaux So Good”.
December3.3°C6.6°C9.9°C105mmNew edition of bordeaux tasting festival.

Bordeaux Village Blaye only handles all guided tours, if you would like to do a tour under your own steam there is a pack available at the Bordeaux Village Blaye office for 25 Euros which will help you optimise your time.

Yes, all our guides speak fluent English with years of experience. Some guides are Professional level English speakers and all have very high levels of proficiency, speaking many languages.

There is no minimum age. However please be aware that most of the tours are full day tours with quite a bit of driving and touring of Grand Cru chateaux and that it might not be suitable for some small children.

Accommodation Price-Apartment Specific
All accommodation up to one week includes cleaning after your departure, extra cleaning is available at 30€ (or 60€ with the change of sheets). For longer stays, an extra cleaning is included after one week.
All towels, toilet paper, hairdryer, ironing boards & irons, shower gel, shampoo and hand cream are in the apartments as well as kitchen items (bin bags, washing liquid, sponge, dishcloths, sugar, coffee, milk, salt & pepper).
If you require a platter of cheese and cold meats on arrival or a fully stocked kitchen, please contact us to view our platters and start-up apartment kits.

Villa St Simon
This Bed and Breakfast has a communal kitchen, bar and lounge.
The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with towels, hair dryers, and shower gel.

Depending on what type of package you choose, we will clearly stipulate what costs are involved. In general, our tours do not include lunch that is the only cost that you will cover unless you would like us to include this.

Please refer to our 10 things to do in Blaye under the packages and services section.

At the moment of booking, you will be asked to pay a refundable 50% deposit for Accommodation & Services. If your booking is canceled within 1 month in advance notice period, you will be refunded the full 50% of your deposit.

Our payment policy is the balance of payment on arrival or if you would prefer prior to your arrival.

Yes, we do please contact us with all your requirements and budget and we can work on an ideal Bordeaux and Blaye experience for you.

We can accommodate big groups on one road in all our establishments.
80 people sharing – across apartments, hotel rooms, studios, 2-bed apartments
12 people sharing – House- across double beds and singles.

Email or call us and we will do our best to open a new date on the calendar.

Yes, we offer the following discounts for children accompanied by parents:

Please enquire with our management. We can tailor a discount on our activities to your child’s age.
Yes, we provide for baby cots as well as linen at a charge of 15€ once off fee.

In France, children are very much a part of the dining scene and we welcome children on most of our experiences. However, as there are exceptions, you may want to contact our management to check the suitability for the chosen experience.

We outsource our baby sitters and are happy to provide you with contact details of these carers.

This needs to be organised well in advance with Bordeaux Village Blaye.

We offer fun French lessons on Wednesday and Saturday morning at our Blaye market with a qualified teacher, here the children will get to experience authentic French living and learn basic words for food and conversing with the market merchants.

We also offer Art Jamming which is held in a studio with music and paints and canvas for kids.

We can most certainly cater to the group’s needs by arranging wine tours simultaneously with the other half of the group shopping in Bordeaux for fashion and accessories or alternatively for antiques. Whether it be shopping, art classes or sightseeing we can inform you on what the region has to offer.

All restaurant information is clearly indicated in our apartment and room booklets and you are welcome to make reservations directly for yourself.

Yes, we offer very popular tours in both regions.

Blaye is perfectly situated in the heart of Bordeaux. There are a variety of day trips that you can venture out to; from beautiful coastal towns like Cap Ferret and  all the smaller villages along the way.

• ROYAN (1H00)

Please advise us of any dietary requirements you have.

Yes, pets are welcome we charge 15 Euros per pet and there is a park within walking distance of all our accommodation.

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