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Events in Blaye

A handpicked few dates of interesting events and experiences in Blaye and surrounding areas.

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From avid wine lovers, athletes, horse lovers, jazz or you simply want to taste more of our region’s wines.

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Learn more about our weather throughout the year.

Blaye Seasonal Weather

Your 12-month guide to our local weather

Months Temperature Precipitation Opinion
  Coldest Normal Warmest    
January 2.5°C 5.8°C 9.2°C 141mm Very cold, wet, Ideal for enjoying red wine.
February 2.9°C 6.9°C 10.9°C 112mm Very cold, wet, Ideal for enjoying red wine especially Blaye au Comptoir Bordeaux.
March 4.3°C 9.1°C 13.9°C 83mm Pleasant, Starting to see spring around the corner.
April 6.2°C 11.2°C 16.1°C 89mm Spring begins, Ideal time to experience Printemps du Vin and taste all Blaye has to offer.
May 10.0°C 15.1°C 20.1°C 97mm Temperatures are warming up, run the Blaye Marathon and experience wine tasting at Portes Ouvertes Bourg.
June 12.7°C 18.0°C 23.3°C 95mm Dance to the beat of live music. (Fete de la musique)
July 14.8°C 20.6°C 26.4°C 62mm Enjoy the endless summer nights/ International horse jumping.
August 14.6°C 20.5°C 26.4°C 57mm Break up your beach holiday with a wine tour & tasting in Blaye.
September 12.0°C 17.6°C 23.1°C 66mm Harvest time....Book in advance to not miss on this experience.
October 9.1°C 13.7°C 18.3°C 69mm Miss the tourist buzz and enjoy the tranquility of blaye.
November 4.8°C 8.7°C 12.6°C 150mm 3 day french gastronomy festival "Bordeaux So Good".
December 3.3°C 6.6°C 9.9°C 105mm New edition of bordeaux tasting festival.

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Runners make their way through the 10km race each year, through the vineyards and the rolling hills surrounding blaye.
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Winegrowers feature their wines at Printemps des Vins de Blaye (Spring Wine Fair).

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